Submission Guidelines

We are currently seeking: 

Non-Fiction: Self-help, family & relationship, and business/leadership.  We are looking for fresh perspectives and new information & ideas. No poetry.
Science fiction: Prefer adventure/space opera and military genres.
Fantasy: All genres, including paranormal.
New Adult/Young Adult: Limited - Seeking fresh stories in all genres, especially contemporary. Prefer an inspirational or more wholesome slant.
Middle Grade: All genres, especially historical. No picture books.
Paranormal: Romances, light horror, mystery, etc.
Christian: Non-fiction, inspirational, and contemporary fiction.

We DO NOT accept unsolicited full manuscripts, email attachments, or genres not listed above. Please see our submission guidelines for Freedom Fox Press for more genre options.

Salacious, negative and R-rated material will not be considered.

Please send by mail or email a query letter.  Your query letter should state:

  • title

  • approximate word count

  • specific genre and intended audience

  • critique partner's/editor’s contact information

  • author’s experience, background, and full contact information

  • defined one page marketing plan, promotional ideas, & online social platforms

  • a 2 -5 page synopsis

Queries lacking any of the above information will be automatically rejected. All email queries with attachments will be deleted - paste all information directly into the body of the email. For mail inquiries, please include a SASE. Those lacking a SASE will not receive a response.

For non-fiction, please include an outline of the chapter & topic contents instead of a synopsis.

Authors who bring a network of contacts and fresh promotional ideas, along with a willingness to promote their work, will be considered first.

We prefer fresh material. For previously published work, see our Freedom Fox Press submission guidelines. (Previously published includes traditionally, self-published, and work posted online via Wattpad, blog, etc.)

Our response time is 2-4 weeks.

Send information to: 

Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.
Attn: Submissions Editor
P.O. Box 383
Pikeville, NC 27863-0383