Overcoming the Madness of Family Addiction

Unbroken reveals how to navigate family addiction and find peace

Every family deals with baggage, dysfunction and conflict to some degree, and it’s further compounded when addiction enters the picture. Unbroken by Annie Highwater tackles this difficult subject in a very real and personal manner. This book chronicles a wilderness season from beginning to end—the awareness of a crisis and forging your way through the tough days, all the way through to peace, healing, and well-being.  Written for those caught in the path of a loved one’s addiction, it’s a must for anyone on a path of self-discovery in the midst of great adversity or family strife. Unbroken’s message transcends all heartache: it does get better—broken hearts do heal, families can recover!

“With input from experts in the field of addiction, alcoholism and family therapy...this book is a guidebook for anyone needing direction, hope and healing.” - Sherry Gaba, LCSW, Certified Recovery Coach and author

“Unbroken’s most important lesson is that we are all vulnerable. And only after we acknowledge this vulnerability can we truly start living.” - Daniel Skinner, Ph.D, Ohio University

Navigating the Madness of Family Dysfunction, Addiction, Alcoholism, and Heartache
I feel like I’m drowning!
Does that describe you at times? Addiction, conflict, and dysfunction can destroy a family. But even in the depths of adversity and despair, there is hope. You can learn to cope and overcome the pitfalls:
Drama, drama, drama - The silent treatment - Enabling - How do I detach? - Arguments and denial - Relapses - Division and grief - We won’t be victims
You can find the means to not only persevere and find peace but create a life that is manageable and even amazing!

Annie Highwater - writer, speaker, podcast host and family advocate. She is a life-long researcher of Behavioral Science with particular interests in family pathology and concepts of dysfunction, addiction, alcoholism and conflict. Annie resides in Columbus, Ohio and enjoys writing, long distance running, hiking, the great outdoors, and visiting her son in Southern California as often as possible.

Unbroken: Navigating the Madness of Family Dysfunction, Addiction, Alcoholism, and Heartache is available August 7, 2018 online, retail, and in all eBook formations. Published by Freedom Fox Press/Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C. Self-Help - Substance Abuse & Addictions/Personal Growth/PTSD, trade paperback $13.95 ISBN 9781939844521, eBook ISBN $4.99 9781939844538