Dystopian Thriller Explores Possibility of Second US Civil War


April 3, 2018  What if political strife and unrest thrust the United States into another Civil War? This prospect is explored in Jay Chalk’s book, Revolution 2050. The division between freedom fighters and a totalitarian regime sets the stage for a thrilling battle for power and truth. Would we fight for liberty and free will? Could one man on the wrong side tip the balance of power?


“In this day and age, we once again need reminders that each generation must fight for its own freedoms or it will lose them.” - Gordon A. Long, author


"Thoughtful and provoking, Jay Chalks's debut is a chilling adult vision of a modern post-civil war America. Dystopia fans looking for something close to home will love this." David Powers King - Author of The Undead Road: My Zombie Summer


“Revolution 2050 has a valuable message behind it. Chalk does an excellent job of making me care about what happens to these characters...” Sierra Decker, Andromeda Spaceways


Samuel Moore is living a dystopian lie…

After a civil war, the North American Commonwealth now dominates the eastern half of the former United States. Controlled by a totalitarian regime called the Directorate, the NAC demands compliance, awareness, and unity. A Directorate member and teacher, Sam enjoys the benefits while skirting the forbidden.

Then Sam encounters Katie Spencer. She sneaks him a short wave radio and he hears the Western Alliance broadcasts. Katie also reveals a video she captured of NAC death camps. Sam realizes he’s involved in a nightmare that could shake every foundation.

With the video broadcast date approaching and several students desperate to escape to the Western Alliance, Sam is forced to decide. Remain loyal to the Directorate? Or abandon all he’s ever known to fight for freedom?


Jay Chalk is a twenty-year veteran high school teacher of government, U.S. history and English.  He's the author of several novels, two of which are speculative fiction, and he's currently working on a third, hoping to tie them into a possible trilogy.  He lives in East Texas and when not teaching or writing, he's flying or playing the guitar.


Revolution 2050 is available April 3, 2018 online, retail, and in all eBook formats. Published by Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C. Science Fiction/Dystopian, Trade paperback $19.95 ISBN 9781939844439, eBook $4.99 ISBN 9781939844446