Bubba and Squirt’s Big Dig to China
By Sherry Ellis
Print ISBN 9781939844507
eBook ISBN 9781939844514
Juvenile Fiction - Action Adventure/ Legends, Myths, Fables: Asian

You can't dig a hole to China!




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Otter Tales II
Edited by Michelle Rutledge
Print ISBN 9781939844583
EBook ISBN 9781939844590
Juvenile Fiction/General

Release date - December 2018


Music Boxes
By Tonja Drecker
Print ISBN 9781939844569
EBook ISBN 9781939844576
Juvenile Fiction - Fantasy & Magic/Girls & Women/ Performing Arts

I only desire your talent...




Release date - March 5, 2019


Big Red
By Damien Larkin
Science Fiction-Military
Print ISBN 9781939844606
EBook ISBN 9781939844613
Science Fiction - Military/Alien Contact/Alternative History

We have always been here…

Release date - May 14, 2019