Gabe’s Guardian Angel
By Beverly Stowe McClure
Print ISBN 9781939844668
EBook ISBN 9781939844675
Young Adult Fiction – Boys & Men/Loners & Outcasts/Bullying

Release date - March 17, 2020

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Stone Man
By Charles Suddeth
Print ISBN 9781939844620
EBook ISBN 9781939844637
Juvenile Fiction - Boys & Men/Legends, Myths, Fables-Native American/Historical-United States-General

Driven to Stone Man’s trail...

After U.S. soldiers attack twelve-year-old Tsatsi’s Cherokee village, his family flees to the Smokey Mountains. Facing storms, flood, and hunger, they’re forced to go where Stone Man, a monstrous giant, is rumored to live. 

His family seeks shelter in an abandoned village, but soldiers hunt them down. Tsatsi and his sister Sali escape, but Sali falls ill and is kidnapped by Stone Man. Tsatsi gives chase and confronts the giant, only to learn this monster isn’t what he seems.

Their journey is a dangerous one. Will Tsatsi find the strength to become a Cherokee warrior? And will they ever find their family?

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Masquerade Oddly Suited ISBN 9781939844644.jpg

Masquerade: Oddly Suited
An Insecure Writer’s Support Group Anthology
Print ISBN 9781939844644
EBook ISBN 9781939844651
Young Adult Fiction: Romance - General/Paranormal/Contemporary 

Find love at the ball…

Can a fake dating game show lead to love? Will a missing key free a clock-bound prince? Can a softball pitcher and a baseball catcher work together? Is there a vampire living in Paradise, Newfoundland? What’s more important—a virtual companion or a date to the ball?

Ten authors explore young love in all its facets, from heartbreak to budding passion. Featuring the talents of L.G. Keltner, Jennifer Lane, C.D. Gallant-King, Elizabeth Mueller, Angela Brown, Myles Christensen, Deborah Solice, Carrie-Anne Brownian, Anstice Brown, and Chelsea Marie Ballard.

Hand-picked by a panel of agents and authors, these ten tales will mystify and surprise even as they touch your heart. Don your mask and join the party…

“READ IT! There is something for everyone! Do you want Love? Got it! Do you want vampires? Got it! Do you want time travel? Go it!” - Jessica Renfro, book reviewer 

“A diverse collection of m/f YA clean-reads romances to transport readers between the past, present, and future, from the sea bottom to the virtual clouds.” - J. Lenni Dorner, author 

"Stories that will chill your heart, bring smiles to your lips, and keep you turning pages." - Beverly Stowe McClure, author

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Music Boxes
By Tonja Drecker
Print ISBN 9781939844569
EBook ISBN 9781939844576
Juvenile Fiction - Fantasy & Magic/Girls & Women/ Performing Arts

A Barnes & Noble top “5 Spooky New middle Grade Books for Campfire Chills!”

I only desire your talent. . .

Twelve-year-old Lindsey McKay's biggest dream is to be a famous ballerina. But after moving to New York, she ends up at the Community Center with a teacher who’s a burly bear in tights.

When she meets Madame Destinée, the teacher of a top dance school who offers her classes for free, Lindsey can't believe her luck. In exchange, she must perform in the school’s exclusive midnight shows, ones sure to make her a star. But something’s not right...

One by one, the other dancers disappear. Each time they do, a music box with a figurine just like the missing ballerina joins Madame Destinée’s growing collection. If Lindsey doesn’t discover the truth about the dance school, she might end up a tiny figurine herself.

“A powerful story with a compelling, mystical tale of adventure. 5 stars” – Readers’ Favorite 

“With its engaging sense of mystery and intrigue, and a cast of international characters, Music Boxes will enchant you.” - P.K. Hrezo, author 

“Music Boxes is an enduring tale of friendship, magic, and the power of love… Five stars!” - Tamara Grantham, award-winning author 

“Deliciously creepy with a side of sinister, Drecker weaves an enticing story of talent, jealousy, and dark magic.” - Dianne K. Salerni, author of The Eighth Day series

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Otter Tales Vol II small.jpg

Otter Tales Volume II
Edited by Michelle Rutledge
Print ISBN 9781939844583
EBook ISBN 9781939844590
Juvenile Fiction - Action-Adventure/Animals/Short Stories

It’s an Otterly Amazing Adventure!

Don your armor and prepare for adventure!

From the far reaches of space to the North Pole, you’ll set off on a quest filled with the exploits of princesses, heroes, and real life journeys.

From the imagination of children, these stories will delight and inspire with their originality, courage, and heart.

Speak with animals. Fly on a robotic dog. Shift into a unicorn. And even battle some zombies along the way!

$7.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 Mobi eBook
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Bubba and Squirt’s Big Dig to China
By Sherry Ellis
Print ISBN 9781939844507
eBook ISBN 9781939844514
Juvenile Fiction - Action Adventure/ Legends, Myths, Fables: Asian

You can’t dig a hole to China!

Squirt doesn’t believe Bubba can dig a hole to China. But when the hole swallows them, the kids find themselves in Xi’an, China, surrounded by Terracotta Warriors.

It gets worse when the ghost of the first emperor of China appears. He tells them they can’t go home until they find his missing pi. The kids don’t know where to begin until they meet a girl and her grandmother who promise to help find the pendant.

Soon they realize they are being followed. And they are no closer to finding the missing pi. Will Bubba and Squirt ever make it back home?

“Bubba and Squirt’s Big Dig to China by Sherry Ellis is a fun-filled, fast-paced, and entertaining read.” -Virginia Wright, author

“...young readers may not even realize that they are learning while being entertained!” - TDC Book Reviews

“Fun, educational, captivating! This is a wonderful middle-grade story with plenty to captivate young readers.” - Deanie Humphrys-Dunne, author

“This is a book that will entertain all ages... Children reading this book will be thoroughly entertained, but also tricked into becoming partially educated about other cultures!” - Kitty Cat at the Library

$7.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 Mobi eBook
$2.99 ePub eBook

Some Very Messy Medieval Magic.jpg

Some Very Messy Medieval Magic
By C. Lee McKenzie
Print ISBN 9781939844460
EBook ISBN 9781939844477
Juvenile Fiction - Fantasy/Boys

Pete’s stuck in medieval England!

Pete and his friend Weasel thought they’d closed the Time Lock. But a young page from medieval times, Peter of Bramwell, goes missing. His absence during a critical moment will forever alter history unless he’s found.

There’s only one solution - fledgling wizard Pete must take the page’s place. Accompanied by Weasel and Fanon, Pete’s alligator familiar, they travel to 1173 England.

But what if the page remains lost - will Pete know what to do when the critical moment arrives? Toss in a grumpy Fanon, the duke’s curious niece, a talking horse, and the Circle of Stones and Pete realizes he’s in over his young wizard head yet again...

“A gripping adventure back in time, with action around every corner.” - Stephanie Robinson, author of The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow

“A great addition to middle school classrooms and libraries, as well as your own private library.” - Beverly Stowe McClure, award-winning author of stories for children and teens.

“A rich cast of characters who bring the story to life – both in modern and historical times. I highly recommend librarians and teachers get this series on their shelves.” - Hall Ways Reviews

$13.95 Print - USA only
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By Corrina Austin
Print ISBN 9781939844392
eBook ISBN 9781939844408
Juvenile Fiction-Boys/Adult Fiction-Coming of Age

Everyone needs their own special corner...

It’s 1969 and ten-year-old Davy is in a predicament. With two weeks remaining of the summer holidays, he’s expelled from the public pool for sneaking into the deep end and almost drowning. How will he break the news to his hard-working single mother? She’s at the diner all day, Davy has no friends, and he’s too young to stay by himself.

The answer lies in his rescuer, mysterious thirteen-year-old Ellis Wynn. Visiting her Grammy for the summer, Ellis offers to babysit Davy. She teaches him about “corners”–forgotten or neglected areas fixed up special. Together, the kids tackle several “corners” and Davy learns what it means to bring joy to others.

Davy begins to wonder, though. Why does Ellis want to be his friend? Why doesn’t she ever smile? And is Davy just one of Ellis’ “corners?”

“Austin’s message of true friendship and selflessness will resonate...strong addition to the realistic fiction genre.” - Library Journal

"This book was so engaging! Five out of five stars." - TDC Book Reviews

“This is a story about love and loss, wrapped in a blanket of friendship... reminds me of the storytelling method used in The Princess Bride.” - Gina @ Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

$10.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 Mobi eBook
$2.99 ePub eBook

Otter Tales
Edited by Michelle Rutledge & Shanna Williams
Print ISBN 9781939844415
EBook ISBN 9781939844422
Juvenile Fiction/General

Ride along for some otter good fun!

From the worlds of fantasy and science fiction to kids fighting real life battles, you’ll speed along from one adventure to the next.

Written by youth, these stories will amaze you with their creativity, thoughtfulness, and delightful spirit.

Journey in search of dragons. Fight along superheroes. And face the bullies head on!

$7.95 Print - USA. only
$2.99 Mobi eBook
$2.99 ePub eBook


George Washington Chronicles
Edited by Jen Clymer
Print ISBN 9781939844316
eBook ISBN 9781939844323
Juvenile Fiction/General

Come on a timeless adventure!

Captured within these pages are superheroes, animals, and the triumph over evil. From the fantasy realm to the baseball field, these stories unleash the creativity of youth for all to enjoy.

Don your journey hat and march right in!

$7.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 ePub eBook
$2.99 Mobi eBook




Starfish Tales, Vol. 1
Edited by Michelle Rutledge
Print ISBN 9781939844330
eBook ISBN 9781939844347
Juvenile Fiction/General

Prepare for an ocean of tales!

Imagination comes alive in this collection of stories. From the struggles of everyday life to the far reaches of outer space, these tales are sure to delight.

So come aboard and share the adventure!

$7.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 ePub eBook
$2.99 Mobi eBook





Under a Purple Moon
By Beverly Stowe McClure
Freedom Fox Press
Print ISBN 9781939844132
eBook ISBN 9781939844149
Young Adult

No Love in the Garden of Eden...

Eden Rose has learned to deal with her mother’s criticism that she can do nothing right. What she can’t deal with are the arguments between her parents. To escape their angry words, she finds refuge in an old abandoned house. She always returns home, hoping her mother will love her one day, even though Eden’s not sure what the word love means.

Three other teens with problems also hang out at the Old House. Meeting Murphy, Toby, and Josh changes Eden’s world, and she begins to have faith in herself. Perhaps she can do something right, after all.

Thanks to the boys, she begins to understand the meaning of love. But will it be enough to save her broken home life?

 “Be forewarned, you will not be able to put this book down! Beverly Stowe McClure gets into the mental psyche of teenagers with deep clarity and conviction the reader will feel the emotions of each character to their core.”- Donna McDine, multi-award winning author of stories for children

“Another sweet and introspective read from author Beverly Stowe McClure! This would be a great addition to any school or home library.”- Darby Karchut, award-winning author

$18.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 ePub eBook
$2.99 Mobi eBook
Purchase the audio book on:
Narrated by Keli Douglass
ACX / Website

Snapping Turtle Tales, Vol. 2
Edited by Michelle Rutledge
Print ISBN 9781939844156
eBook ISBN 9781939844163
Juvenile Fiction/General

Tales from out of this world...

Dragons, singers, war heroes, fighters - they’re all here!

The Snapping Turtle kids have created an array of stories for your reading pleasure. Raw, untamed imagination springs forth from every page. Prepare for adventure, mystery, fantasy, and more.

Prepare for some snapping good tales!

$7.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 ePub eBook
$2.99 Mobi eBook

The Circle of Friends Series
By L. Diane Wolfe
eBook ISBN 9781939844125
New Adult/Young Adult

Get inspired to achieve your dreams!

Book I...Lori - Driven by Olympic dreams, the swimmer appears destined for success. But something is holding her back. Can the star quarterback help Lori break free and achieve her dreams?

Book II...Sarah - There are no rewards for second best. Estranged from her father, envious of her best friend’s perfect life, Sarah’s unable to measure up to expectations. Can a future NFL receiver with baggage of his own make a difference?

Book III...James - Haunted by a troubled past, he’s determined to break free of the abuse and start a life with Maria. When a life-changing crisis erupts, James nears the breaking point. Can he find peace before the mistakes of his father destroy him?

Book IV...Mike - A prisoner of guilt for so long, he’s consumed with condemnation and unable to forgive himself. When Danielle enters his life, he can no longer hide the past. Will she be able to reach him or is Mike past the point of redemption?

Book V...Heather - When confidence turns to frustration, she finds her dream of coaching basketball tarnished. Heather struggles with a dying father, a troublesome sister, and a cocky player. Can Mark help the feisty woman survive?

$8.99 Mobi eBook
$8.99 ePub eBook



Snapping Turtle Tales
Edited by Michelle Rutledge
Print ISBN 9781939844095
eBook ISBN 9781939844101
Juvenile Fiction/General

From the imagination of youth...

Super heroes, fantastic creatures, first loves, pigs, ghosts - they’re all here!

The Snapping Turtle kids have created an array of stories for your reading pleasure. Raw, untamed imagination springs forth from every page. Prepare for adventure, mystery, paranormal, and more.

Prepare for some snapping good tales!

$7.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 Mobi eBook
$2.99 ePub eBook


The Circle of Friends
Book V...Heather

By L. Diane Wolfe
Print ISBN 9780981621050
eBook ISBN 9780981621074
New Adult/Young Adult

When dominating confidence turns to frustration…

A new beginning waits at Clemson for Heather Jennings. Honored with the position of assistant, she will finally realize her dream of coaching basketball. Heather is ready to focus on her duties, using sheer force if necessary, and prove her independence.

Unfortunately, her triumph feels subdued as Heather’s father and greatest advocate lies dying of cancer. Battling her grief, she must also deal with a sister who appears incapable of responsibility or achievement. And once basketball season begins, a talented but cocky player who resembles her in every manner challenges all that remains of Heather’s patience.

During her quest for a new car, she encounters a man capable of handling her bold and feisty attitude. Straightforward and smug, he entices her to date him, and despite his gruff nature, shows compassion toward her situation. However, the last thing Heather needs is a serious relationship with a man equally fixated on work and opposed to marriage…

Winner of the TOP CHOICE Award - a perfect 10
“I couldn't sleep not knowing what was going to happen next… definitely one of the best books I have read in a long time. It was brilliant. Props to L. Diane Wolfe!”- FlamingNet Reviews

“Heather deals with real life and real situations - 5 Stars”- Teens Read Too

“Wolfe has created amazing characters with believable attributes and flaws… a true gem.”- Donna M. McDine, Write What Inspires You Book Reviews

$19.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 Mobi eBook
$2.99 ePub eBook


The Circle of Friends
Book IV...Mike

By L. Diane Wolfe
Print ISBN 9780981621043
eBook ISBN 9780982713914
New Adult/Young Adult

A prisoner of guilt for so long…

Mike Taylor is the epitome of stability. His family is proud of his academic and athletic achievements at Georgia Tech, and despite the temptations of college life, he has maintained his moral standards.

Yet beneath the peaceful surface, Mike is consumed with guilt, fearing condemnation and rejection. A former girlfriend’s abortion and the intense love he feels for his roommate’s wife constantly remind Mike of his failures. Unable to forget and full of shame, he refuses to forgive himself.

When Danielle enters his life, he realizes he can no longer hide the past. Will she be able to reach him or is Mike past the point of redemption?

Diane Wolfe is a gifted writer who leaves her appreciative readers looking eagerly toward her next novel…  “Mike" is a superbly crafted story of young adult angst, as well as a thoroughly entertaining read."- Midwest Book Reviews

“Typically, I have to purposefully set out to "think" about which songs would go with a particular book. But with Mike it was natural.  It was easy.  I think that is a testament to how well the characters were developed.”- Becky’s Book Reviews

$19.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 ePub eBook
$2.99 Mobi eBook


The Circle of Friends
Book III...James

By L. Diane Wolfe
Print ISBN 9780981621036
eBook ISBN 9780982713907
New Adult/Young Adult

Haunted by a troubled past…

The future appears bright for James Sheppard. Emerging from a troubled childhood, he is blessed with talent and a good work ethic. Excelling in his classes and at the campus newspaper, James’s goal of editor appears within his grasp.

However, years of abuse and loneliness have dampened his spirit. By the time Maria enters his world, James is nearing the breaking point. Her innocent love slowly fills the void in his life, boosting his confidence and giving him hope.

When a crisis abruptly forces him into adulthood, James is saddled with more responsibility than expected. Struggling to cope with the situation, the past returns to haunt him. Will James find peace before the mistakes of his father destroy him completely?

“This just tells you how much someone is willing to go for the best in his or her life!! There are so many twists and turns and it can teach you how far you would be willing to go to have the perfect moment.”-

“I could not put this book down… This was a wonderful book that will make you fall in love with the characters, hurt when they hurt and rejoice when things go their way.”- Debbie’s World of Books

“Full of friendship, love and true life situations, Circle Of Friends Book III is a recommended read for YA of all ages.”- Missy’s Book Nook

$19.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 Mobi eBook
$2.99 ePub eBook

The Circle of Friends
Book II...Sarah

By L. Diane Wolfe
Print ISBN 9780981621012
eBook ISBN 9780981621098
New Adult/Young Adult

No awards for second best…

A student at Georgia Tech, Sarah Martin is bold, intelligent, and appears destined for a career in biochemistry. But her poor self-image has been masked by behavior unbecoming to a young lady brought up in an affluent Southern family. Estranged from her father, envious of her best friend’s perfect life, Sarah feels inadequate and unable to measure up to expectations.

When a friendship suddenly turns romantic, Sarah questions herself even more. A future NFL receiver, Matt’s joyful spirit and social status appear beyond her reach. Yet beneath his eager smile and playboy antics lies a young man hiding in shadows and desperate to trust again.

Faced with challenges, they must help each other come to terms with past disappointments before insecurities and doubt threaten to sabotage their future.

“It shows both the joys and the many pains of young adults in today's society trying to fit in but still be true to themselves.” – Katie’s Book Blog

“I can’t wait to read the other books in the series.” - Debbie’s World of Books

"Sarah: Circle of Friends Book II is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing and moving books I have ever read. Wolfe has written the impossible: a story of real people facing life’s real issues and she does this with style, grace and aplomb. Anyone who has suffered from poor self-image and low self esteem needs to read this book. It will not only restore your faith in yourself but your faith in others." - Jamieson Wolf, The Book Pedler Reviews

$20.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 Mobi eBook
$2.99 ePub eBook


The Circle of Friends
Book I...Lori

By L. Diane Wolfe
Print ISBN 9780981621005
eBook ISBN 9780981621081
New Adult/Young Adult

Inspired by Olympic dreams…

To the outside world, Lori Anders has it all. The only child of affluent parents, she is a gifted swimmer with Olympic dreams. Armed with a winning attitude and genuine spirit, Lori appears destined for success.

Yet despite her certainty in the pool, something inhibits Lori from achieving her full potential. Her focus on swimming has left little time for relationships. Lacking in confidence, Lori’s light has few opportunities to shine.

When an altercation with the school bullies brings her to the attention of the star quarterback, Lori finds herself in a unique position. Jason’s affections renew her hope and force the shy swimmer out of her comfort zone. But, will it be enough to achieve her lifelong dream?

 “L. Diane Wolfe expertly combines the social interaction between teens and realistic problems that face our teens today for a genuine feel good novel.” - Donna M. McDine, Children's Author & Member SCBWI

“Lori Anders is such a positive influence for anyone.  She shows complete devotion to those she loves, and an unwavering determination to reach her dreams… Overall, anyone that picks up LORI will come away with a warm feeling by the end of her journey.” – Teens Read Too

“I would recommend this as a good series for teens to read- especially as an alternative toTwilight.” – The Bluestocking Guide

$20.95 Print - USA only
$2.99 Mobi eBook
$2.99 ePub eBook